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  • "Words cannot express how much I LOVE my bike. I am so happy I came to see you guys! I had no trouble at the border, I presented the receipt, he took a look and said 'See ya!'! N..."
    Vancouver, B.C.
  • "Home safe with my beautiful new bike!! The border guys were really nice didn't charge me anything and he was complimenting my bike! Thanks so much for everything Patti! "
    Vancouver, B.C.

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Shopping for Bikes at Pedal Pushers: what can I expect?

When you pull up to Pedal Pushers, you'll see immediately what an unsual bike shop you've found. 

People come from near and far for the quirky beach-cruiser-shopping experience that's making us memorable. Our front-lawn "show room" has rows upon rows of the most popular models and colors of the best bikes from the best manufacturers of this genre of bikes, our service is casual, friendly and fun, but, really, it's our ridicuously reasonable prices that brings us repeat customers, and many of our customer's friends, too.

 The building that the business is run out of was once a Summer cabin, and it's far too small to be an actual bike show room. We use the little old house to store the bikes during off hours, and do our assemblies and repairs in the "living room".

 You'll find all of our bike accessories (such as helmets, baskets, bells & horns, locks, Coconut, Kroozie & etc. drink holders, handlebar vases...) parts, components and inner tubes in the "garage". That's also where the cash register is, and where sales are completed.

You will see a few signs scattered around the lawn, and possibly hanging from some of the bikes, asking you to not climb (or sit) on the bikes until you find a Pedal Pushers person to talk to, first. You will not be waiting long.  

You will wonder why all of the seats on the bikes are facing the wrong way, and it is not because we're d!cks.

It's because the bikes are on the lawn and they are more likely to topple over than they would on a flat, solid surface. It's because we don't want you to get hurt. And, it's because we don't want a bike to get hurt, either, before somebody buys it.

We are happy to let you test ride any bike you care to, and all the bikes that you want to. It would be silly expect anyone to buy a bike without trying it out first, especially when the main focus is on fun.

But, we kind of do need to know that you're shopping for a bike, and we really need to know that you will be careful with yourself, and with our bike - at least until you get it home! Thus, the signs, and the waivers...

You can call us unreasonable (we're mocked for this all the time, so go ahead! We're used to it): but before throwing your leg over any of our bikes, you'll be given our waiver to sign, promising to be careful while you're test-riding our bikes. It's an insurance thing - one we've learned the hard way. 

 Our bikes have two US prices: one for a credit card purchase and another for cash. Sales tax is 8.5%, applied to the actual price that you are paying. If you decide to buy your bike with Canadian cash, our bank's current rate of exchange will be calculated on the discounted cash price (plus the 8.5% sales tax).

 You'll get a 10% discount for any accessories that you bedeck your new beach bike out with, and your referred friends and family members will get 5% off the price of their own new bike, with which they must buy you lunch.

 When you read the "Testimonials" page, you'll learn that the Canadian Customs folks have been, more often than not, very nice about letting their fellow Citizens bring new bikes into the county. That's  not to say that nobody has been asked to  pay some duty. That hashappened a time or two. Or, a couple of time, HST (?) was paid instead. Most of the reports, however, has been of an easy experience going back home with a bike bought from here.

 Please don't be shy about using the "Contact Us" link if you have any other questions not covered here. Hope to see you soon!