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Quotes Words cannot express how much I LOVE my bike. I am so happy I came to see you guys! I had no trouble at the border, I presented the receipt, he took a look and said 'See ya!'! No duty or anything! Wooohooo!!! Thank you again! I'll be back one of these days to check out your great cup holders :) I have taken her for one ride and everyone on the seawall must have known she was my new bike- my massive smile said it all! Hoping to take her for another spin tonight after work! I've already shared with my Friends how awesome my experience was and how great my bike is. Glad to know I can ask you question if any issues with her come up. Quotes
Vancouver, B.C.

Quotes Home safe with my beautiful new bike!! The border guys were really nice didn't charge me anything and he was complimenting my bike! Thanks so much for everything Patti! Quotes
Vancouver, B.C.

Quotes Hi Patti, No trouble at the border, declared the bike and did not have to pay any duty. Sarah loves the bike, she may come by to look at accessories. Thanks again! Quotes
Chilliwack, B.C.

Quotes Patti!! Thanks a lot!! I am soooo happy with the bike.... you, and your store are amazing! Quotes
Vancouver, B.C.

Quotes Hi Patti Thank you for the great bike, it was a pleasure to meet you both. We were not charged any tax at the border. We then went on a fun easy ride around the Stanley Park Seawall. Birthday girl is thrilled and loves her new bike. Thanks! C Quotes
Vancouver, B.C.

Quotes Hi Patti (We) didn't get charged anything at the border! How awesome is that?! Love the brown seat and grips, and can't wait too use my drink holder. : ) Thanks again Quotes
Surrey, B.C.

Quotes Hi Patti - smooth sailing through customs and no duty to pay! Thanks again for everything! Quotes
" T ", from Tswawassen, B.C.

Quotes Hi Patti - everything is great with the chopper! I just got charged Provincial sales tax which was expected - thankfully no duty charged. thanks again S. Quotes

Quotes Hi Patti and Scott Just letting you know there was no duty at the border! Thanks so much for your incredible service - and for being so patient! Can't wait til we get home and I can show off my new bike! Take care, Rebecca Quotes

Quotes Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for fixing my friend, C's, flat today. You turned what could have been an unpleasant experience into a great ride and we got to learn about you and your business. Thanks again. Quotes
Bob, from RIchmond, B.C.