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Essential Oils at a Bike Shop??

Posted on November 27, 2016 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Here's one reason that you'll find

the planet's finest essential oils 

at Pedal Pushers:

When your bike's seat bruises your behind, a little bit of lavender and copaiba can help ease the angst of climbing back on for another rejuvenating ride. If the "d'area" of discomfort is somewhat, er, substantial, add a dab of coconut or olive oil to help spread your essential oils around.

Dietary-grade versions of these essential oils are available, and recommended, if you would rather roll on the safer side.  

In the unlikely event that the oils cause stinging, or any other discomfort, just add more carrier oil.

Both of these soothing essential oils are in stock today at Pedal Pushers. 

Go to our "Links" page to find more information about these incredible oils, including how to order!

SAY WHAT, Delta Bikes?

Posted on November 11, 2016 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Delta Bike Company Folks:

Well, dang, we are really going to miss you!  A lot!

Thanks for being such great neighbors! We were lucky to able to count on you  (often!) to help us out when we were stumped on a repair or in need of a part.

Thank you for all of the people that you referred us to,too. We did try to reciprocate, and will continue to send people (and bikes) your way when our "expertise" cannot accomodate them.

So, in that case, you had better be open soon, at your new location at Grandview Corners in https://www.facebook.com/DeltaBike/" target="_blank">South Surrey at 160th and 24th Ave Scott and I wish you great good luck!

How To Use the Hang Ten "Love Handles"

Posted on August 16, 2016 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (8)

Thank You, Nick. 8) 

The coolest bike accessory.

Posted on August 9, 2016 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

 Install Hang Ten's "Love Handles" into the ports on the side of the carrier rack of your Hang Ten Cruiser and carry your surf, paddle or kickboard, or folding furniture, or an umbrella, or fishing gear...

My New Year's Miracle

Posted on January 29, 2016 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I finally got sick.  That dreadful bug that's got everybody that we know actually got me, too, and now I can't boast obnoxiously about my heroic health to everyone who is suffering around me.

I have rarely felt so hopeless and blue and absolutely pathetic. Sleepy time lasted at least 12 hours each night, and I was so absolutely bummed out.

Really, really sick.


But now I feel amazing again, and I’m grateful for the lesson in empathy.

We'll see how long that lasts.


Young Living's R.C. Oil blend  is what at last returned relief to my joyless life, and so it is today's  Essential Oil Du Jour.

After more than a week of constant, phlegmy coughing, my lungs and ribs - my entire torso, actually - ached endlessly, and on that last night of misery, my throat was raw and throbbing sore, too.

Before shuffling off to bed, thinking that maybe it was time to see about some antibiotics  (bronchitis? Something more severe? Oh, crap), my Beloved rubbed a few drops of R.C. (cut with some coconut oil) (for the first time since this flu bought me, for crying out loud) (what the heck was I waiting for??) onto my entire back and sides. 

I did the same all over my ribcage and sternum, and then tried a little Peppermint with coconut oil, and then, a little bit later, a drop or two of Panaway, on my neck, hoping to help my sore throat.


Probably a total of 8 drops of RC were used, and even less of the other two essential oils, and yet, the next morning I awoke to the most miraculous feeling of total wonderfulness, to put it mildly.

It's impossible for me to properly describe it, and I honestly still can not believe how different and how well I felt the next morning. The word "miracle" falls short.

R.C. is a blend of ten different essential oils, and is one of the Essential Oils included in Young Living's awesome Premium Starter Kit.( FYI: You’ll find all three of the essential oils that I mentioned in your Premium Starter kit).

Eucalyptus globulus is one among several eucalyptus essential oils. Its primary use is to support the respiratory system. It helped my body combat any infections that might have grown in my throat and lungs. It also soothed the muscle discomfort.

Eucalyptus radiata or, Black Peppermint Oil is another eucalyptus essential oil, is  used as an expectorant and an anti-inflammatory.

Eucalyptus citriodora  helped my body with the decongesting and disinfecting of my sinuses and lungs.

Myrtle Essential Oil helped relieve my sore throat and the chest.

Pine Essential Oil was first used by Hippocrates in the support of the respiratory system.

Marjoram Essential Oil is another essential oil supportive of the respiratory system, and the antispasmodic properties in this oil helped to relieve my cough.

Lavender Essential Oil is relaxing and grounding, and I was able to sleep.

Cypress Essential Oil helps with blood circulation and lymph flow.

Peppermint Essential Oil is one of the most highly regarded herbs for nasal and lung decongestion.

Black Spruce is the tenth ingredient in the R.C. blend, and one that also supports the respiratory system.


And, from now on, we will always have a bottle of RC in our house, and there will forever be one in my purse, for sharing.


https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start?sponsorid=3078504&enrollerid=3078504&isocountrycode=US&isolanguagecode=en&type=member" target="_blank">Get some.

https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/start?sponsorid=3078504&enrollerid=3078504&isocountrycode=US&isolanguagecode=en&type=member" target="_blank"> 

Shopping for Bikes At Pedal Pushers

Posted on July 5, 2015 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

When you pull up to our place, you'll see immediately what a different a bike shop it is!


The building that the business is run out of was once a Summer cabin, and it's far too small to be an actual bike show room. We use the little old house to store the bikes during off hours, and do our assemblies and repairs in the "living room".


You'll find all of our bike accessories (such as helmets, baskets, bells & horns, locks, Coconut, Kroozie & etc. drink holders, handlebar vases...) parts, components and inner tubes in the "garage". That's also where the cash register is, and where sales are completed.


All of Pedal Pushers' rolling inventory is displayed all over our big front yard. The new bikes cover most of the lawn, and we usually roll them out towards the front. The rentals are kept closer to where we do business, since there's a bit more paperwork involved.


You will see a few signs scattered around the lawn, and possibly hanging from some of the bikes, asking you to not climb (or sit) on the bikes until you find a Pedal Pushers person to talk to, first. You will not be waiting long. :)


You might notice that the seats on the bikes are facing the wrong way.


It is not because we're d!cks.


It's because the bikes are scattered all over the lawn, and they are more likely to topple over than they would on a flat, even surface.


It's because we don't want you to get hurt.


It's because we don't want a bike to get hurt, either, before somebody buys it.


We are happy to let you test ride any bike you care to, and all the bikes that you want to. How asinine would that be: for us to expect anyone to buy a bike without trying it out first? And we REALLY hope that you have fun buying it here!


But, we kind of do need to know that you're shopping for a bike, and we really need to know that you will be careful with yourself, and with our bike - at least until you get it home!


You can call us unreasonable (we're mocked for this all the time, so go ahead! We're used to it): we'll also ask you to sign an acknowledgment to that fact before throwing your leg over any of our bikes.


Our bikes have two US prices: one for a credit card purchase and another for cash. Sales tax is 8.5%, applied to the actual price that you are paying. If you decide to buy your bike with Canadian cash, our bank's current rate of exchange will be calculated on the discounted cash price (plus the 8.5% sales tax).


You'll get a 10% discount for any accessories that you choose to deck your new beach bike out with, and your referred friends and family members will get 5% off the price of their own new bike, with which they must buy you lunch.


When you read our customers' "Testimonials", you'll learn that the Canadian Customs folks have been, more often than not, very nice about letting their fellow Citizens bring new bikes into the county. That is not to say that nobody has been asked to pull over and pay some duty, because it has happened a time or two. Occasionally, HST (?) has been charged, instead. Most of the reports, however, has been of an easy experience going back home with a bike bought from here.


Please don't be shy about using the "Contact Us" link if you have any other questions not covered here.

What's New?

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They're here, they're fun, and they're for rent AND for sale!